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Nathie - Host - Foods from New Mexico Class

I’ve always loved cooking and entertaining, but sometimes you just want to relax and enjoy your own party, Chef Kathy made this possible. We invited 2 couples, there were 6 total. We were looking for a fun night of some demo and some hands-on…and Chef Kathy delivered. We selected the Foods from New Mexico class and was it ever delicious. She and I spoke ahead of time and worked out all the details. I wanted the salsa to be ready when my guests arrived, but then we helped put together the Guacamole and Chile Con Queso (she had done all the chopping and hard work though!!)….all were freshly made and fantastic. While we enjoyed our appetizers and wandered in and out of the kitchen she began preparing dinner. After some snacking, we came in and got some hands on in creating the Burritos, and Spanish Rice. The house smelled wonderful, we were having a great time and learning about how to cook with New Mexico Chile Peppers…they are spicy but very yummy. That Green Chile Sauce is pure magic!!! She plated our dinners and put bowls of toppings on the table…and the eating began…..WOW!!! It was all so good. While we ate and enjoyed, she cleaned up and started dessert…Grilled Strawberries and Angel Food Cake kabobs…who knew grilled Angel Food cake was soooooo good. We got to watch her grill our dessert and then we enjoyed. Chef Kathy did an amazing job. She brought everything she needed and cleaned up beautifully after cooking. It was a fun, easy enjoyable evening…can’t wait to try her indoor BBQ class…thanks so much for a wonderful evening.


Hire a Chef For a Night Queso in a stone bowl

Denise & Richard

Wonderful instructor! Loved the heat level of the food. Cooking instructions were great. Portion size maybe too big! We would make no changes to the curriculum; it was all fun and delicious!

strawberry salad


Loved the format, started hands on and then we could break away to talk. Chile con Queso and the Grilled Strawberry Kabobs were my favorites.



The fresh salsa was my favorite. Rice was too spicy and hot, but very good. From Chef Kathy: Jack, the heat level is easily fixed by using less or omit altogether, the green chile when you cook the recipe at home.


pound cake

Alex and Miriam

Personal Chef Service

My mother and I rely on Chef Kathy Cooking for 20 meals every 2 weeks; the service and value are fantastic! Kathy is clean, friendly, professional, and very adept in the kitchen. I would recommend her to everyone! Definitely try her New Mexican dishes if you can -- THEY ARE THE BEST!


Doug and Suzanne

Dinner Party Service

My family wanted to have a dinner party for a special occasion, but could not come up with any ideas that appealed to both the young and older family members. Chef Kathy came in, listened to our struggles to come to a common menu and in no time, suggested we do a fondue party. We opted for the four course meal that included appetizer (cheese), salad, and an entrée of marinated beef, chicken and shrimp and desert (chocolate) plus all the items to dip and sauces to top the entrees. The food was great and the family time we shared was priceless. We have now made the fondue party concept a traditional Christmas Eve holiday meal.

spaghettie meatballs


Personal Chef Service

I never thought I was the type of person (too frugal) to use a personal chef service, but then I tried Chef Kathy Cooking. I would come home from work, tired and hungry, only to stare at the refrigerator and find nothing quick to prepare. In my haste to sit down and relax, I would grab a Pop Tart for dinner. Now I look forward to the tasty and nutritious meals Kathy has prepared for me. Chef Kathy has Carte Blanche when it comes to my menu planning. The variety of meals are endless. The service is not just a time-saver, I am eating healthier now than I ever did on my own.

spanish rice

Jim and Sue

Cooking Class

It has been 20 plus years since living in New Mexico, and we still miss the food. Sopaipillas, especially stuffed, are non existent in the Mexican food restaurants in Florida. So when we learned Kathy would teach us how to make sopaipillas, we booked a cooking class for two. Her passion and expertise for green chile peppers and Spanish rice was even better than I remembered and can rival the best restaurants in Albuquerque.